The advantages of empowering and engaging with folk culture are many, especially for adults who belong to the group of NEETs (young people not in education, employment or training). Those young people have an increased risk of marginalization and museums can work positively towards the creation of educational material and experiences, suitable for the mobilization of this group. Our aim is to develop material, a strategy and experiences that can support young NEETs by focusing on the skills that are required for the labor market of the cultural sector.


The objectives of the program can be summarized as follow:

- creation of an innovative museum educational program for adults who belong to the group of NEETs,

- transition of the status of museums from places of visit to spaces of support and engagement for the local and European society,

- shifting the perception of museums as spaces of learning and experiences for every member and group of society,

- usage of technology as a means of promotion and highlighting the Europe's cultural wealth,

- highlighting museums as institutions capable of stimulating the social cohesion of all social groups,

- modernization of museums by taking into consideration the new data imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic by adjusting to the digital world through which they can appeal to a large number of visitors. 


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